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Agglomerated cork stoppers

Portugal is located in the south western part of Europe and is one of the premier first world countries of the world which has shown steady economic growth over the years. A very significant contribution to its economic growth has been made by the forestry sector where one of the main products is cork which is derived from the cork oak trees. This is because while Portugal contributes about 50% of the total cork production in the world, a total of 16% of the total foreign income is also accumulated form the export of cork and its derivatives. While corks have been used for manifold purposes, its most common usage is as cork stoppers.

Agglomerated cork stoppers

There are various kinds of cork stoppers available of which the agglomerated cork stoppers are considered to be formed out of natural cork stoppers which are considered to be the most efficient among the various kinds of cork stoppers available. The agglomerated cork stoppers are formed of granulated corks which are constituents derived from the natural corks. It is to be pointed out here that it is possible to manufacture the agglomerated cork stoppers by means of the process of extrusion or via individual moulding as well. What is to be kept in mind in course of both these processes is that here the FDA approved food contact glues should be used in order to attach the granular corks together and fasten them properly. In these cases, it should be borne in mind that in case of agglomerated cork stoppers though they are offshoots produced from the natural cork stoppers, they are not suitable for acting as closures in wine bottles requiring prolonged maturation periods. They are perfect for containers which require sealing for not more than twelve months. Therefore the agglomerated cork stoppers are often considered as more economical and hence advantageous for use for such short term periods and are also used prevalently in wines of cheaper price.

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