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If one goes back down the pages of history, it is interesting to find that Portugal was the first nation in the world to have codified extensive laws in order to preserve the cork oak trees. Portugal is one of the world’s premier cork producers accounting to about 50% of total production and it has even set up an organization which would preside as the authority and ensure the growth and development of the cork industry. This organization called APCOR or simply the Portuguese Cork Association was set up in 1956 in the town of Santa Maria de Lamas to the north of Portugal. It is the premier authority and all the companies who manufacture cork products are required to join the APCOR and be recognized by it. The main purpose of the APCOR is to ensure that supreme quality cork is produced and the various derivatives obtained from cork are manufactured perfectly and are of excellent grade as well. For this purpose the Portuguese Cork Association engages itself in various promotional and awareness activities by organizing workshops, campaigns, extensive seminars to encourage alertness among the people and the producers too.

Cork stoppers from Portugal

Moreover there are several journals, press releases, brochures and most importantly the official website of the APCOR provides all the necessary information related to cork production and manufacturing of its various by-products. The APCOR also encourages further researching and study of corks and their derivatives so that newer avenues and channels are explored in this field leading to development and hence fro this purpose they have joined hands with the Cork Technology Center or CTCOR and other institutes of higher study in Portugal. The various members of the APCOR are offered all sorts of facilities and support whether legal or administrative. The APCOR in Portugal has also facilitated the functioning of the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice or ICCSMP.

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