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Capsulated cork closures

In Portugal about 720 hectares of land is dedicated to the cultivation of the formidable cork oak trees from whom the cork are obtained. It is significant to note that corks are harvested for over a decade after being extracted from the cork oak trees and they retain their natural content as no form of chemical processing is involved in harvesting. Moreover, corks are considered to be ecological as they are biodegradable and can be recycled. Corks can perform multifarious functions in industries and in architectural purposes. However their most prominent usage is in the form of cork stoppers used in sealing wine bottles.

Capsulated cork stoppers

There are various kinds of cork stoppers available in the market and each serve specific purposes. while the natural cork stoppers are considered as perfect fro preserving containers requiring longer maturation periods, at the same time, there are also the colmated and agglomerated cork stoppers which are considered as inappropriate fro acting as sealing in containers requiring prolonged maturation and thus are used in ready-to-use wine bottles. Capsulated cork stoppers are a kind of cork closures which are derived from the natural or even the colmated cork stoppers and the upper portion of these corks are tied with glass, metal, porcelain, wooden or PVC material. Portugal is a land which is known for its wines and vineyards the world over and these capsulated cork stoppers are extensively used in the bottling of certain kinds of liquor, spirit and wines. Some of these include the Port wine, Madeira wine, Sherry, Moscatel wines from the Setubal region, Armagnac, Cognac, Brandy, Vodka and Whisky which are all ready for consumption as capsulated cork stoppers are not suitable for prolonged conservation of wines in containers. However, capsulated cork stoppers can be reused and therefore they can be useful in case of acting as closures for containers whose contents are not used at one go.

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