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Champagne and sparkling wine stoppers

Portugal is located in south western fringes of the European contionent and has been since antiquity facilitated the cultivation of the cork oak trees. In fact Portugal had been the first to regulate rigid agrarian laws for the preservation of the cork oak trees and today it is the world’s largest producer of corks accounting to about 50% of total production. In terms of export, Portugal has reaped huge dividends from the export of cork and its products.

Champagne cork stoppers

One of the most significant functions of corks obtained from the cork oak trees in Portugal have been as cork stoppers used to cover the wine bottles to allow maturation and preservation of the wine. Portugal is considered to be one of the finest wine producers in the world and their wines are well-known world wide for their excellent quality and flavor. Champagne and sparkling wine are some of the premium quality wines produced by the Portuguese vineyards and as evident from the names, champagne and sparkling wine stoppers refer to the cork stoppers especially manufactured for the purpose of acting as stoppers or enclosures for these two quality wines specifically. The champagne and sparkling wine cork stoppers are constituted by technical corks which were devised for acting as closures for bottled wines which are consumed within shorter time spans i.e. within a period of about three to four years. The surface of these cork stoppers are composed of agglomerated cork granules and one of its ends the chosen one or two natural corks are attached. The cork stoppers which are used in case of the sparkling wines are usually of wider diameter than the cork stoppers that are prevalently used. It is extremely necessary for the manufacturers to maintain this wide diameter in case of the sparkling wine cork stoppers as this large diameter enables in maintaining the high levels of internal pressure within the glass containers.

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