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Colmated cork stoppers

In the beautiful landscapes of Portugal, about 720 hectares of land is dedicated to the cultivation of the cork oak trees from which the cork is obtained. The Mediterranean type climatic conditions prevalent in Portugal has facilitated the growth of these cork oak trees and these trees have long life spans and once the bark or the cork is extracted, a new layer begins to grow. Though cork has various uses in the industries, the most prevalent use of it is as cork stoppers.

Colmated cork stoppers

There are various different kinds of cork stoppers of which the natural cork stoppers are considered to be the best and are most prevalently used in case of covering wine bottles in glass containers as they are said to provide the perfect natural and chemical conditions for the maturation of the wines once they have been extracted to be preserved. Moreover these natural cork stoppers also ensure the preservation of the wine fragrance or aroma, which is also referred to as ‘bouquet’. There are various kinds of natural cork stoppers as well like the multi-piece natural cork stopper which is comprised of more than one natural cork stopper which is too thin to from a single natural cork stopper and are often used in case of larger wine containers. Colmated cork stoppers are another kind of natural cork stoppers which contain pores or lenticels. These pores or lenticels are preserved carefully with cork dust which is obtained by repairing the natural cork stoppers. In order to enable the cork dust to gather and attach to the lenticels or pores of the colmated cork stoppers, FDA authorized rubber glues or natural resin glues and even water based glues are also used. These colmated cork stoppers offer certain benefits. They increase the performance rate and capability of the cork stopper and also allow a pleasant image of the cork stopper.  According to their performance capabilities the colmated cork stoppers can be subdivided into three grades.

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