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Multi-piece natural cork stoppers

Corks are versatile and light constituents which are obtained from the cork oak trees in Portugal and Portugal contributes to about 50% of the total world production of cork and reaps huge benefits upon export. Since antiquity cork has been used in performing a variety of tasks. The most prominent function of cork is to be used as cork stoppers for sealing wine and liquor bottles.

Agglomerated cork stoppers

Natural cork stoppers are considered to be apt for functioning as stoppers on wine bottles as they are the constituted by natural components and therefore are very helpful in wine preservation and maturation. This is because wine maturation needs proper enclosures and this maturation period is dominated by various modes of physical and chemical changes between the substances that constitute the wine within the glass container. Moreover, wine maturation carries on for prolonged periods of time and involves the need to incorporate certain minor proportions of oxygen. The perfect environmental conditions and adequate proportions of the gas are provided by the natural cork stoppers. This is why they are most prevalently used. The multi-piece natural cork stoppers are formed by joining together two or more components of a natural cork and are attached by means of food contact glue sanctioned by the FDA.  They are usually too thin to become single natural cork stoppers and so are united to form the multi-piece natural cork stoppers. While they are mostly conceived to be of the same size as the natural cork stoppers, at times they are also found to be of bigger sizes than the single natural cork stoppers and are hence used in larger containers. The multi-piece natural cork stoppers though devised out of natural cork stoppers should usually be avoided in case of storing wines  over very prolonged periods like in case of vintage wines.

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