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Natural cork stoppers

The cork oak tree is planted and conserved extensively in Portugal and the bark of the cork oak tree is extracted as cork which is subjected to harvesting fro about a decade. Cork is extremely versatile as a substance and its flexibility and natural quality gives it an edge and it is considered to be ecological and therefore very environment friendly.

Natural cork stoppers

Corks which are therefore extracted from the cork oak trees are used mostly as cork stoppers for wine bottles and among the various different kinds of cork stoppers the most prevalent are the natural cork stoppers. The natural cork stoppers get the first preference when it comes to be used in wine bottles and this is because of several reasons. It is quite well known that wine is of best quality when preserved for long and wine maturation is extremely important for determining the quality of wines. In fact the most popular category of wines is the vintage wines which require storage and maturation for over scores of years. Once enclosed in glass containers, wines require exposure to perfect environmental conditions created within the container as a result of certain natural and chemical reactions between the various substances constituting it. This calls for the need of small amounts of oxygen, just enough to aid in wine maturation. And prolonged research and investigation has revealed that the natural cork stoppers have been the only ones to provide such perfect conditions for wine maturation. Moreover, the natural cork stoppers also facilitate the formation of the ’bouquet’ or the wine aroma or fragrance which adds distinct flavor and quality of the bottled wine thus enhancing its value. A significant factor to be noted here is that these functions are capable of being performed by natural cork stoppers only because they are the natural components and they can easily adapt and alter according to the atmosphere within the containers.

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